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SiS 2024 - Issue 4 - Part 3
Preparing for PFAS requirements and regulations
Neil Smith, Compliance & Regulatory Programs Manager at Assent, discusses global PFAS requirements and regulations that must be top of mind for semiconductor manufacturers regardless of exemptions or derogations how the discontinuation of PFAS and increasing liability concerns may impact manufacturers’ parts, products and processes and how manufacturers can gain visibility into their supplier activity and global PFAS risks. It’s time for the semiconductor industry to prepare for PFAS!

Imec pioneers unique, low-power UWB receiver chip
Peng Zhang, Program Manager at imec, discusses the recently developed impulse radio (IR), low-power ultra-wideband (UWB) receiver chip that is ten times more resilient against interference from Wi-Fi and (beyond) 5G signals than existing, state-of-the-art UWB devices.

AP&S arrives in the US market
Tobias Bausch, CMO & CTO of AP&S International GmbH, CEO/Board of Directors (AP&S US Inc.) and Dragan Cekic, Vice President Business Development AP&S US Inc., explain the company’s decision to enter the US semiconductor industry, optimistic that a combination of technology innovation and high-quality service and support will win it many new customers as well as help expand the partnerships it has with existing customers in other parts of the world.

Single chip LCOS panel – a smart vision
Devang Patel, Marketing Director for the IoT and Emerging Segment, OMNIVISION, discusses the company’s recently launched OP03050 lower power, small form factor Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) panel, as well as sharing his thoughts on the challenges and opportunities facing the AR/MR/XR glasses market both for consumer and B2B applications.

Imec.xpand launches 300 million euros investment fund
Tom Vanhoutte and Peter Vanbekbergen, Co-founders of and Partners at imec.xpand, discuss the launch of the new fund aimed at accelerating the growth of transformative semiconductor and nanotechnology innovations, with investments being made in startups that have the potential to be globally disruptive within their target domains.

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