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SiS 2024 - Issue 4 - Part 1
PREVAIL project promises Edge AI chip innovation
Sergio Nicoletti, Business Development & Project Management, Silicon Components Department at CEA-Leti, explains how a European Union consortium created to accelerate the development of next-generation, edge-AI technologies is installing cleanroom tools and gearing up to design, evaluate, test and fabricate new circuits from across Europe. Sergio discusses the background to the project and the progress achieved to date in terms of the ultimate objective of providing high-performance, low-power edge components and technologies to support the massive data-processing requirements of AI, and thereby to contribute to the success of the European Chips Act.

Collaborative ecosystems - key to supply chain transformation
The semiconductor industry is at a critical juncture, facing skyrocketing demand and mounting supply chain complexities. Traditional management approaches fall short, necessitating a radical shift towards orchestrated supply chains to effectively navigate this intricate landscape. Kinaxis’ Matt Spooner discusses the current supply chain challenges before outlining the new strategies and explaining how they can drive significant industry improvements.

The importance of digital in creating a more sustainable future
Subhagata (Subho) Mukherjee, Vice President, Global Head of Sustainability, Nokia, shares some key highlights from the company’s People and Planet 2023 report, covering a year of achievements and challenges on the journey to net zero, with continuing progress in its sustainability strategy. Subho explains Nokia’s firm belief that ESG can be a competitive advantage as digitalisation, powered by enhanced connectivity, plays an increasingly significant role in helping industries and economies decarbonise while enabling a more inclusive society.

Imec investigates the scope for sustainability improvements
Emily Gallagher, Program Director, SSTS, imec, discusses levers to reduce the CO2 equivalent footprint of lithography and etch for advanced technology nodes. Emily covers process simplification, dose reduction, improved material stacks for etching, and recipe optimization as well as offering more general insights into how the industry can work towards a net zero future.

Exciting times for the Finnish semiconductor sector
Piia Konstari, Lead, Microelectronics and Quantum technology and Tauno Vähä-Heikkilä, Vice President, Microelectronics and Quantum Technologies, both at VTT, provide an overview of the R&D organisation’s role within the semiconductor industry, both within Finland and internationally. They share their excitement as to the many opportunities VTT has to contribute to Finland’s planned semiconductor industry expansion programme as well as to EU and international initiatives across several technology areas and industry sectors.

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