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SiS 2024 - Issue 4 - Part 2
The path to power-efficient processing
Alexander Troshin, EMEA Product and Marketing Manager, Enterprise and HPC Server at AMD, outlines the energy efficiency challenges facing the data centre industry, with particular reference to power-efficient processing. He covers the key architectural innovations, packaging advances and algorithmic improvements to compute that will deliver more energy-efficient solutions for data centres and AI workloads.

Initiative makes major curvilinear mask making progress
Jan Willis, Co-founder of the eBeam Initiative, provides an update on the organisation’s recent activities - covering the recent 15th anniversary celebration the three current, interlinked main focus areas: curvilinear mask making, deep learning and GPU acceleration and the joining of a new member company, Fujifilm. Jan ends with some thoughts as to what a further 15 years will bring to the industry.

Novel architecture for Keyword-Spotting (KWS)
Ali Mostafa, Analog Design Research Engineer and Franck Badets, Research Director IC Design, both at CEA-Leti, explain how CEA-Leti has developed a keyword-spotting system that dramatically improves accuracy in always-on, voice-activated Edge-AI systems and that consumes less power in a far smaller silicon footprint than current technology.

Compact wireless powering technology - good for your health
Yao-Hong Liu, Scientific Director at imec. Describes how imec and Delft University of Technology have designed ultrasound technology that wirelessly delivers power to neural implants, successfully traversing distances from the skull to the brain’s cortex, within the ERC-funded “Intranet of Neurons” project.

The crucial role of ADCs and DACs in scaling Quantum Computing
Chris Morrison, Director of Product Marketing, Agile Analog, discusses some of the technical challenges which need to be overcome if quantum computing is to scale to the levels at which it will comfortably outperform today’s computers. Chris explains that, while qubits may steal the spotlight, the Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs) and Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) operating behind the scenes play a vital role.

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