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Digital adoption - a double-edged opportunity?

Ofir Bloch, Vice President of Strategic Positioning at WalkMe, discusses the company’s recent report: The State of Digital Adoption 2024, which finds that, while digital adoption is a rising priority for enterprises, a lack of best practice is still costing many organisations dearly. Ofir warns of the digital adoption ‘pitfalls’, but also outlines the significant rewards of HyperProductivity for those who implement digital adoption best practices successfully.

A new inflection point for the storage industry

BS Teh, Seagate’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, discusses the new Mozaic 3+ hard drive platform, which incorporates HAMR technology, and heralds areal densities of 3TB+ per platter, with a roadmap to 4 and 5TB+ per platter. He outlines the importance of key platform components such as the Plasmonic Writer, the Gen 7 Spintronic Reader and the 12nm Integrated Controller.

From breeding hamsters to best-of-breed AIDC solutions

Richard Gilliard, CEO of Renovotec, provides some fascinating insights into his journey as an entrepreneur, now having established his company as a leading provider of end-to-end automatic identification and data capture solutions (AIDC). Richard gives his views on how the AIDC market will develop across many sectors, with robotics and automation set to make a real difference for businesses of all sizes and also provides plenty of advice to budding entrepreneurs along the way.

Where there’s a way, there’s a will

Paolo Perani, Sustainability Manager for ABB Electrification Distribution Solutions, discusses electrification, decarbonisation and broader sustainability topics, with plenty of examples of how the company is working with its supply chain and customers, as well as internally, to ensure that the journey to NetZero is energised by the many digital and sustainable technology solutions being continuously developed by ABB.

DS3 Composer plays sweet storage music!

Enrico Signoretti, VP Product & Partnerships, Cubbit, has launched the first phase of DS3 Composer, a next-generation cloud solution that places data control back into the hands of MSPs, system integrators, and enterprises, by enabling them to build their own sovereign, hyper-resilient, 100% S3-compatible cloud storage in minutes.

Next Opportunity
One of the major successes in 2023 for clients of Digitalisation World has been our recorded video interviews. With an average audience of well over 1000 viewers per interview, we can see how well appreciated they are by our readership.

While most of the video interviews have been purely editorial - the topics and participants chosen by our editor, Philip Alsop - we are being asked by more and more companies to produce specific video interview packages.

Against this background, we are delighted to offer VIDEO INTERVIEW PACKAGES

If you'd like to guarantee inclusion, and also have a valuable asset to use as and where you want into the future, we highly recommend that you consider the VIDEO INTERVIEW PACKAGE, which works as follows:
  • Choose the topic that you wish to take leadership in. Whether you'd like to promote a product or service or to discuss some of the current industry issues, we will work with you to produce a 30-minute video.
  • Following an initial discussion, our editor will produce a set of agreed questions for sharing ahead of the interview and share the Zoom recording link.
  • Once the interview has been recorded via Zoom, this is sent off for editing, including your company logo, and the edited video is then shared with you for the amends/approval process.
  • Once signed off, the video will be included in the next DW Video Issue, on the DW website, and we will give you the original source file, so you can promote via social media.

Contact us to find out how you can be involved.

You will still have the usual opportunity to submit editorial articles and comment pieces, free of charge, to be considered for inclusion in the digital magazine and/or on the DW website.
Package details

30 Minutes
30 min ZOOM interview with the editor
The interview will include a single page of advertising in Digitalisation World or 1 Newsletter sponsorship.
Package Price £995
Contact us

Jackie Cannon
+44 (0)1923 690 205

Phil Alsop
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