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SDC Channel Issue 10 - Part 3

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Moving to a multicloud by design world – the smart choice
Steve Young, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Dell Technologies UK, discusses the complexities of digital transformation, focusing on the importance of avoiding multicloud by default by developing a multicloud by design strategy. Properly implemented, such a cloud smart approach should deliver the speed, flexibility and agility which are the hallmarks of today’s leading digital organisations.

Michael Cantor, CIO at Park Place Technologies, discusses how the role of the CIO continues to change and develop with the new challenges and opportunities presented by the world of technology. In addition to the CIO’s ‘traditional’ role of ensuring the smooth running of the IT department, as well as understanding how new technologies might impact on the business, the role now demands many new skills: sustainability, business intelligence and analytics to technology lifecycle, digital transformation, and customer experience.

Forging a digital path to sustainable IT
Charissa Jaganath, Head of Responsible Business at IT services business Logicalis, discusses the company’s sustainability commitment as outlined in its CIO Summit: Forging a Digital Path to Sustainable IT. She explains how sustainability and a wider ESG focus is front and centre for both Logicalis itself and its ecosystem of partners and customers.

Cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve – for better and worse
Ryan Kovar, Distinguished Security Strategist and Leader of SURGe at Splunk, discusses the findings of the company’s 2023 CISO Report – with AI being seen as both a cybersecurity opportunity and threat, CISOs receiving more recognition, concerned over security tool sprawl and seen as enablers of cross-department collaboration. Ryan also offers some great insights as to how companies need to get the balance right when it comes to focusing on both preventing cyber attacks and addressing the consequences of a data breach – with extortion-ware a growing threat.

Women leaving the IT workplace
Angelika Holl, Chief Information Security Officer at Zeppelin Group and Member of ISACA’s Emerging Trends Working Group, discusses the reasons why women are leaving the UK tech sector, and explains the ways in which companies can address this problem as a key part of ensuring that the industry’s current skills shortage doesn’t become a crisis. She is optimistic that, with the right company, industry and government initiatives in place, the digital future is in safe hands.

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